"10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Improve Their Lives" Excerpt

You don’t need to be a Mensa member to do smart things and to start reaping the benefits. Hundreds of my clients have already proven to my satisfaction (and, more important, to their own) that these choices work.

Studies show that depressive illness can and often does run in families. The genetic connection is beyond controversy. Another proven fact is that women, as a group, are twice as likely to experience depression.

4. Bisexual: These are men with combined heterosexual and homosexual orientations and preferences who are sexually - and often romantically - aroused and desire both genders. When they fantasize or act out on these urges, they too feel affirmed and positive.

As you can see, Jack O'Connell saying that Proposition 8 doesn't affect children in schools is like saying the Governor's proposed sales tax hike won't affect people, because there is no mandate that they buy products covered by the sales tax.

Every culture has certain cultural norms that seep into the subconscious mind of the people who live in that culture. There are certain behaviors that are considered normal and others that are considered undesirable. What falls into the normal category in one culture may well be placed into the undesirable category in another culture.

This reality is dynamic, constantly changing. You are immersed in creation, immersed in the journey of life. Ultimately, all is illusion. The gift of free will is key to the choice you must make, the option you must ultimately pursue.

It’s true that Gaga’s fashion sense is unconventional. But on the other hand, she is demonstrating individuality. Some say that her fishnet stockings, quirky sunglasses and boots make her look like a hooker, but she isn’t showing her most intimate parts. She has been criticized in some circles for her bikini bottoms and leotards as being “slutty”, but do these same people blink an eye when Britney Spears, Beyonce or Rhianna dress the same?

While you are actually doing the process then it should be given 100% of your attention. In that way you will do the process as well as you possibly can and that will maximise the chance of you getting the result you want.

Relax a little, take a deep breath, use your imagination to draw a mental circle around any harmful thoughts, as if placing them in a balloon, and then release them, letting them float off and leave. Perhaps cry a little. Tears can have a wonderful, healing, therapeutic effect, and they can be shed by the emotion of happiness as well as sadness.